Surya Partners. Propel Your Leaders to Greater Heights.

Propel Your Leaders to Greater Heights


Curated workshops to support your organization’s development needs, including:
Surya Partners - Leader as Coach Workshop

1. Leader As Coach

Participants will:
  • Deepen their understanding of self and increase their awareness of how they impact others
  • Identify different leadership methodologies and the most effective use of each
  • Build coaching skills that will help them develop and grow people, whether they are a formal team leader or individual contributor
Surya Partners - Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Workshop

2. Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Participants will:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence and why it’s becoming increasingly important for leadership
  • Learn how to recognize and positively manage emotions in yourself, others and among groups
  • Be able to leverage emotional intelligence in managing difficult discussions and resolving conflict more effectively
Surya Partners - Work Life Balance that Works for You Workshop

3. Work Life Balance that Works for You

Participants will:
  • Identify the current state and where opportunities are present
  • Create awareness of the uniqueness of the balance they seek
  • Create an effective action plan and accountability to make progress
Surya Partners - Individual CliftonStrengths Identification & Maximization Workshop

4. CliftonStrength Talent Maximization

Individual CliftonStrengths Identification & Maximization – Part 1

Participants will:
  • Identify their top 5 strengths, how they show up in their life, and explore what makes them so unique
  • Deepen their understanding of self and increase their awareness of how they can reach greatness
  • Gain knowledge of how their personal strengths can sometimes derail success creating self-awareness and accountability
Surya Partners - CliftonStrengths and Your Team Workshop

5. CliftonStrength Talent Maximization

CliftonStrengths and Your Team – Part 2

Participants will:
  • Explore the team make-up from a strengths perspective
  • Deepen their understanding of each team member, and how they can be leveraged through strategic partnerships
  • Identify potential gaps in the team and how they can overcome them together with their collective strengths
Surya Partners - Building Mental Fitness: Shift from Surviving to Thriving Workshop

6. Building Mental Fitness: Shift from Surviving to Thriving

Participants will leave with strategies and practices for:
  • Leave with strategies and practices for handling saboteur impacts that cause lack of focus, overwhelm from self-doubt, and burnout

  • Strengthening mental muscles to better handle stress of work and personal life challenges

  • Ability to manage relationship conflicts and show up with greater empathy towards others

Surya Partners - Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Coaching is an opportunity to increase individuals’ awareness to highlight opportunities for growth. 1:1 coaching engagements support high potential leaders as they grow into leaders with an even broader impact.

Coaching is a collaborative partnership based on mutual respect.  Throughout a coaching engagement, clients explore real world challenges and issues in order to gain a deeper awareness of themselves, and grow their leadership skills in real time.  Working with a coach as an impartial sounding board provides leaders the opportunity to advance their growth as they work through the coaching plan, continually recalibrating towards their goal.

Areas of Work often include, but are not limited to:
  • Confidence Creation
  • Leadership Transitions
  • Interpersonal Skill Expansion
  • Executive Presence
  • Managing Conflict
Surya Partners - Team Coaching

Team Coaching

The whole team is greater than the sum of its parts, and Team Coaching helps teams create a high functioning, collaborative team who is able to effectively able to deal with conflict, opportunity and change while executing at a high caliber – a sum greater than the individuals on the team.

Team Coaching includes two certified coaches who work with an established team, including its leader, to help the team navigate to greater effectiveness.

Over six to 12 months, the team is coached together as a unit, individually as leaders, and observed in real time meetings. The team is an active part of planning for the desired outcome of the coaching engagement, and checking in along the way to ensure alignment. Each team coaching engagement is customized based on the team size and needs.

Surya Partners - Assessments


A map is useless if you don’t know where you are on it.

Assessments provide the context to ground individuals in understanding where they are currently, so they can develop a plan for growth.  Our coaches and facilitators are certified in a variety of assessments that can support both individual growth, as well as team and group growth.  We use assessments that are based in strong data, and provide the context for highlighting strengths and opportunities, both of which are key to effective leaders.

Assessments can be used individually or as a part of a coaching or workshops to deepen the learning of self.

Assessments provide the opportunity to raise individual and group awareness, and inspire change through data driven reports and facilitated conversations. 

Our coaches and facilitators are certified in a variety of assessments including:
  • Birkman
  • Hogan
  • CliftonStrengths
  • Center for Creative Leadership 360
  • Leadership Circle
  • DiSC
  • Enneagram

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